Consequence by Shelly Crane


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Every novel that Shelly publishes in this series has me falling more in love. Jump back into the world of Significance with this wonderful story. Also, Don't forget to check out the TV reel for the new series!! Eeek!
Life if finally going well. Until it isn't any more. The Watson's are back to causing trouble and this time they are bringing Ava into it. Maggie and Caleb have a love that is fierce, and when it come to their child, is a whole other ballgame. This novel was a joy to read. I loved getting to jump back into this epic world and fall in love with it again. A novel filled with suspense and all the small things that we love from Caleb and Maggie. ConsequenceTeaser As a Novella story it is a quick read, but still packed with action. This is one of those novellas you can't miss in the series. It leaves you aching for the next novel in the series and filled with Awe for Shelly Crane. The emotion that she can evoke in such a small span of time is bewildering. This is a definite Must Read if you are a fan of this series. If you aren't, go read book one and become one. This is one of those series that changes the definition of a genre. She pushes things to the limit and beckons you to fall in love with the characters.


Significance Novella Maggie and Caleb are married, leaders of their people, parents to their children, and happier than they ever dreamed, even with the visions they saw of it to prove it so. The council is still rebelling against Maggie’s changes, but this time it’s different. It’s almost as if something…or someone is behind them, pulling the strings and making decisions for them. And Maggie is having strange visions that only she can see, leaving Caleb helpless to help her. But when her visions start to warn her that their daughter, Ava, will one day be in danger, they’ll do anything it takes to find out what’s going on and how to stop it, even paying a visit to a previous Visionary. Maggie and Caleb must find out who or what is behind it all and stop them before Maggie is one vision too late.