Cora Carmacks All Lined Up Quiz! Are you a Dallas or a Stella?

Are you a Dallas

or a Stella?

So Have YOU Pre-Ordered your copy of All Lined Up? No? Well, I suggest you get on that. This quiz is another little bit of fun to help you bide your time until you finally get to meet Dallas, Stella, and all of the other fun characters in this amazon world.

Let ms give you a little run through.

You can get the full Do's and Don't's according to Stella and Dallas HERE on Cora's Blog. She's got all the dirty details for you.

But, I digress.

Meet Dallas:


Dallas is the football coach's daughter. She is the football hating, college loving, safe bet. Or well, she tries to be. Dallas wants to play things safe. Study, Pay attention, get good grades. I am a Dallas.

Meet Stella.


Stella is the kins of girl who lives her college life to the fullest. She's a little reckless and a lot of fun. Good thing she has Dallas or I don't think she would get any of her school work done.

Take Cora's test to find out if YOU are a Dallas or a Stella!

I am a Dallas :)

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