Crave, The Hottest New App in the Book World.

Crave This is HANDS DOWN the best book related App to hit phones in a LONG time. I have managed to waste HOURS just playing around on it and the App just launched. I give it a solid 5 stars and I can't WAIT to download more books once they become available.

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So lets break it down, What Is Crave Romance? Crave is a new way to fall even more in love with the book boyfriends we are already enamored with. Reading is changing by the day, this is the newest way to evolve with it. Crave takes reading to a whole new level. Instead of having obnoxious Facebook notifications interrupting your reading, you get book related extras. Texts from characters, actor videos, special gif moments, you name it and they are making it happen, while you are reading. For people who love that extra little bit from characters, this app is going to be a new addiction for you. screen322x572 The even better part? Each "Chapter" of extras on the app are limited to a specific part of the book. You read only a certain bit and get the extras for that section of the novel. That way you are reading the book in episodes. I found this perfect for a novel that I am DYING to read, but just don't have the time to devote a whole afternoon to it. It is a way for the book addict in me to rationalize reading only a small portion at a time. The benefit of this setup is that I get to read a bit that day and get the anticipatory buildup for the next chapter the following day. (This is for new books who's chapters are uploaded roughly ever 12 hours) screen322x572-1 I read November 9 by the favorite Colleen Hoover and was not let down. Being able to see mini videos of Ben and random other fun things like texts between Fallon and her mom, they gave the book some extra Fun! The idea is that books will hit the app before they hit the shelves and they already have some Coming Soon books for us! For only $4 a month that is a STEAL. Try it for free for the first week, whats the hurt? See for yourself: Crave

Get The App Here

See what I mean? Even the teaser video has you hooked.

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