Creole Kingpin by Meghan March

My New Favorite. I haven't read book two in the series yet, but this book tops every book that Meghan has ever written because, MAGNOLIA. I know. You were waiting for this book too, but don't fret, because it is here.

This book broke boundaries and completely didn't prepare you for what was behind its pages. It was dark and troubled and at the same time it was like watching a sunrise. Change was coming and it was only the beginning. Magnolia has fought to be who she is. She changed her own narrative and we were there fro a good chunk of it. Now? Now we get to see what is in store for her next. I loved that there were all our old friends in this one and that we finally got some peeks back into their lives. I also really loved getting to see them from Magnolia's eyes because that girl sees the world a little differently. Throw Moses into he mix and you knew this read was going to have you on your toes. It was BOUND to have a typical MM ending but guys, you do not see the twists coming, I sure didn't even though the clues were right in front of us. I am currently dying or the next read. Stay tuned.

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New York Times bestselling author Meghan March goes back to New Orleans and the world of Lachlan Mount with a dangerous and bold new anti-hero. The thing about ghosts is they’re supposed to stay dead. That’s exactly what I am, but I can’t stay away from Magnolia Marie Maison for one more day, let alone another year. We’ve already got fifteen of those between us. As it stands, she’ll want to kill me as soon as she lays eyes on me. And knowing her, she’s completely up to the task. But I’m a man on a mission, and I’ve got everything riding on this. So, here I come, Magnolia. This ghost is ready for whatever you got. After all, there’s only one way I want this to end—’til death do us part.