Crescendo by KaSonndra Leigh (A Musical Interlude #2)


5 Stars


Meg's Review:

This was a GREAT sequel to the Much Loved first novel from Kasonndra Leigh. I Really enjoyed getting to jump back into this world. It took me a few months to get a chance to read it, but it was WELL worth the wait. I love the fact that this is a love story with its own twist on things. It can ooze romance in one paragraph, and in the next we are on our toes with the darker side of the story. Erin and Alek have not had an easy ride. Their relationship is full of chaos and heightened emotion. In the end though, they just want to have a happy ending. It is unfortunate that life has other plans for them. Erin has a past she needs to face. Her and Alek had a rough start, and in order for them to get to a place where they can move forward, she has to face the past. Now for Alek. This novel is more him facing his past head on then it is Erin. She battles her fears in The Prelude, and this time it's his turn. His past is coming back to light and its coming fast. Alek is forced to take on parts of his personality and past that he has forced behind him. This novel is wonderfully written. Kasonndra has a way with words that draws you in and keeps you captivated. I really enjoyed this novel and CANNOT wait for the next novel in this series.


He taught her how to walk outside the line. She taught him how to leave the past behind. In the end, fate brought them both together.

Six months ago, Erin Angelo was hired by Alek Dostov, the charismatic Maestro who hired her design firm, the same man who healed the wounds of her tragic past.

In the highly anticipated, reader requested sequel to THE PRELUDE, Alek and Erin are preparing to embrace their new life and love for music while nurturing Erin’s blossoming singing career. But when a mysterious figure from Erin’s past walks back into her life, Alek and Erin’s belief that their love will conquer everything is put to the test. As Alek continues to struggle with the ghosts of his past and recent family troubles, Erin finds a way to reconnect with her fiancée. The couple set out on a tour of Italy, taking Alek’s music group to the next level.

But Alek’s mother, Katerina, has other plans in mind. She orders the tour manager to go along with them. Now, they will face new challenges while dealing with the pressures of their careers.

Passion, excitement, adventure, danger, and a Maestro with more swagger than a rock star. THE CRESCENDO lifts you up to a high you won’t soon forget.