Crowned by Fate by Amo Jones

It is here and it was absolutely worth the wait. This book DEVASTATED your emotions while you read and I swear you couldn't see the twists coming if Amo herself warned you about them.

This book as everything. I feel like I waited forever to read it and it was 100% worth the wait without a single doubt. This book is finally live. The deconstructions half to this dark and twisted duet that kept me on my toes start to finish. BRILLIANT.⁠ IF you haven't read book one, don't grab this yet. You NEED to read the first book 100%. Heck, don't even read the blurb. IF you HAVE read book one, then this is everything you want it to be and I am not going to drawl on about it. Dark and twisted, Amo Jones takes you deep into the psyche of these characters one last time to uncover the truths you weren't ready for in book one. Find the answers and solve the secrets.

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He asked me to love him, so I engraved his name onto my heart. He craved my loyalty, so I let him feast on my soul. I wanted a husband, but he gave me a monster. So, I made it my pet. The lines between what was real and what wasn’t were blurred. Our story was a lie. Until now.