Cruel Legacy by KA Linde

Okay. Let us start with the fact that this is the third novel in this series so you need to pedal back if you haven't read the first two. That was your warning.

Okay, now that you have been warned, let's talk about how amazing this final book in the trilogy was, because I was HERE FOR IT GUYS. Penn and Natalie have had a RIDE in this trilogy. Literally it is Gossip Girl meets Cruel Intentions. I think it as Staci Hart that said that and she was SPOT ON. IT is the perfect description. SO much happens in these books, and this final novel was the absolute completion of it all. They had a lot to work through with everything coming to a head at the end of the last book and this book did not let down with the drama or the secrets and twist. I spent half the book wanting to throttle Natalie and the other half totally getting where she was coming from. It was a fun read to experience and I am totally craving a Gossip Girl binge right now.

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Darkness swept in. Smothering everything in its inky black. I have turned into their worst nightmares. And I will not rest until they pay. For everything.