The Dark Duet by KaSonndra Leigh (Musical Interlude #3)


5 Stars


Meg's Review:

KaSonndra did a wonderful job making em fall even more in love with Nikolai. I was primed and ready to finally get some answers and kick some butt in this novel. I was ready for revenge. After everything that has happen, these characters deserve answers. I found Nikolai's story to be the darkest yet. It was raw and really dove into the dark that we have been skirting around with the first 2 novels. The Novella gave us a better look at him, but there are still things you won't see coming. This is Nikolai's story, his battle of revenge and love.

Favorite Quote: "I raise my eyebrows. I had heard the Dostovsky's arrogance factor was legendary, but this guy makes King Tut appear to be humble."

Nikolai had a story to tell. A story that I have been waiting for since book one in this series. I, as well as many other readers, thought that Adriana was going to be the happen ending that our broken Nikolai was going to get, but I was wrong. But after reading her story in the novella I know that Luca was her match. That left us wondering where Nikolai was going to end up. Enter his dark past and Alestasia. With them in the mix things were about to get interesting. TheDarkDuet This was a dark read that had me hurting. I was on the board with the revenge plan, but I was horrified to see where that led Nikolai. With so much wrong in his past, what is a little more darkness. We find out everything that happened in the past to make Nikolai into who he is, and we find out why he is as damaged as he is. Alestasia isn't who she thinks she is. She has a past full of secrets that she has no idea about it. She is a victim though, a victim of this horrible organization that Nikolai is trying to destroy. She is also a weapon, and our main man? Well he is the man priming that weapon for detonation. This is a must read novel for the series. It can be read as a standalone, but I don't recommend it. You should dive into every novel in this series and devour them. KaSonndra weaves a world that you get lost in. I can't wait for what comes next.


Family. What does that word mean? Kindness. Generosity... Love? None of that applies to mine. I think we should try vicious, corrupt... Deadly. I am not an innocent. I do not believe in fate. Revenge should have its moment to shine. I’ve been a slave to circumstance... A child of the shadows. Now, I embrace the gloom and thrive inside it. Revenge. Love. Vengeance. Salvation. The battle inside me rages on. At least it does until one day when... I find her. I do not understand. I cannot allow myself to believe that... There is light inside the darkness. ~Nikolai Belikov ** This novel contains mature content and situations that some readers may find disturbing. It is intended for an audience at 18+ years of age.**