Dating Games by T.K Leigh

T.K did it again and this time she bought all the swoon and laughs! I swear I don't care what genre this woman writes, I am going to devour it time and time again. There are just some authors that can genre jump and do it seamlessly, T.K Leigh is one of those. She could write a middle grade fairytale read and I would still fall absolutely in love with her characters. It is the heart that she pours into the stories that get you. This one shows that in spades. I adored Evie and Julian. They were sown worthy and at the end of the day absolutely what I needed to get over a reading slump. Ever was funny and so full of life that you couldn't help but fall in love with her character and her witty personality. Then we had Julian. He was all Male and it showed. I loved the bit of gruff we got from him and the alpha that showed when we needed it. At the end of the day this was a Hollywood level romcom that I would love to see be a movie because I swear reading it was like watching it play out before my eyes. Goodreads


How do you get over your last disaster of a relationship? You agree to be a complete stranger's fake girlfriend for the next few months. Note to self: When your boyfriend dumps you on your thirtieth birthday, it’s probably not the smartest idea to drink so much that you wake up in the same bed as the mysterious hottie wearing the gorgeous suit who you noticed sitting across the bar. The only silver lining in my obvious lack of judgment is the promise of never seeing Mr. Suit again, not in a city the size of New York. Or so I thought, until a story I’m working on about the country’s most sought-after and elusive escort lands me in the same café as Mr. Suit. So I do what any self-respecting woman of my age would do in my shoes… Try to ignore him. But he won’t let me. Instead, he makes a proposition that leaves me questioning whether I need to have my ears checked. Be his fake girlfriend for a summer of wealth and excess in the Hamptons. In return, he’ll help me win back my boyfriend’s heart. Juvenile? You bet. Effective? Could be. Bad idea? Most likely. But what do I have to lose? Apparently, a lot more than I originally bargained for. Let the games begin... Dating Games is a modern take on Cinderella meeting her billionaire Prince Charming. If you love a sassy heroine, a sinful hero, and a whole lot of laughs, then you'll love this fake relationship romance.