Dead and Buried by Jennifer Rebecca

I got this book in a book box from Kelly Elliot in honor of the Wanted World launch on Kindle! It took me a bit to get into, but once I did I really enjoyed this read. This book brought all the laughs and even a few smiles. Shelby is surrounded by people that just make her story even more that funny. She is a reporter for the Funerals and Obituaries section fo a paper and that is just the start of it. Lets add into that a mysterious string of deaths at her grandmother's retirement home, the hunt is on. Add Detective Treny into that and life got even funner. This reminded me a bit of a Rachel Van Dyken read in the fact that the cast was fantastic. I can't wait to read more for this author.

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You ever hear the phrase, “about as successful as a soup sandwich?” Well, that's me, I am the soup sandwich, but instead of a soggy bread mess, you have twenty five year old with a Bachelor’s degree in nothing useful who just quit her job at the local home improvement store where there were definitely no Christian Greys looking to tie anyone up-and that's not a bad thing. I know, it's looking pretty sad right about now, but at least I don't still live with my parents… So, here I am, embarking on a new journey covering the Funerals and Obituaries section of the local paper, the San Diego Metro News, for the editor-brace yourself-my uncle, Sal. Unfortunately, while my parents are on vacation, my Granny and her friends are determined to stir up some trouble, but this time, they may have bitten off more than they can chew, especially when some of the residents of the local retirement community are turning up unnaturally dead. There is nothing that will keep me from protecting the people that I love, no matter how crazy they may be--not even the sexy, I mean stubborn, homicide detective Trent Foyle can stop me--My name is Shelby Whitmore and I'm kind of the newest reporter for the San Diego Metro News, but hey, I'm a hit with the blue hairs.