Deadly Design by Brandy L. Rivers



I LOVED getting to take this journey with Mon and Erik. You get to start all the way back when they were kids and see how there lives unfold and how the darkness that follows them started back then. Once you get to current times you get to see them real y come into their own and challenge the fears they have both been avoiding.

Monique grew up with one parent wanting the world for her and the other living their life by fear. This led to so much damage that even as the reader you didn't see the ramifications of some characters actions until year down the road. Throw into that all the devastation that Monique has to face in her young adulthood and it isn't a shock that she runs. In running though, Monique finds herself. She gains the necessary history to kick some bad guy right along with the rest of our crew. But once she finally makes peace and comes back to fight for what she wants, is it to late?

I went both ways with Monique. I realize that certain things led her to perceive and react to situations in a way, but still I wanted to reach through the book and smack her. She made for a good heroine that I wanted to see heal.

Then we have Erik. I was TOTALLY shipping for Erik. really, I loved everything about him. Even when he is scared of his own abilities, he always has other people's lives in him mind. He makes the safest choices for those around him. Or so he believes. He was great, and in the end I was totally TEAM ERIK!

Throw in some family vengeance and HARP rearing their head again and this book got to be quite the wild ride at the end. I can't wait to see where Brandy takes us next! her options are as always, limitless.


Some deadly designs can right the wrongs of the past…

Years ago, Erik Mortale loved and lost Monique when he chose his path. He wanted to make a difference, to change the mages’ perspective of Other casters. Erik made great strides until a death tore them apart. Monique DeSandre has been burned repeatedly by the Silver Council and their misconceptions of Enchanters. The designer has made a name for herself as the leading supplier of magically enhanced clothing. As much as she’s tried to leave Erik in the past, she can’t let go, no matter their differing views. The new magister has created a new Diverse Special Forces program. Once again Erik has been brought back as one of the high-ranking Enforcers as well as a trainer. However, an elitist mage wants to destroy the group and has chosen Erik as the scapegoat. With tensions rising, Monique will fight for the man she’s pushed away for years. But is it too late to fix what’s broken? And can they prove Erik isn’t the one behind the ritualistic murders?