Deep Trouble by Brandy L Rivers

deep trouble

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deep trouble

This is one of my favorites of the Edenton couples and I was thrilled to get a little more from them. Brody and Fallon are the original couple i fell in love with and I always get excited tor had more about them.

With this novel we get a bit more about what is going on with the pregnancy and we see Fallon really open up. Brody and her have hit a bump in their road, but with the help of friends and communication things can always be worked out.

I don't want to write a long review, because this novel is a lot about the pregnancy and the fun about that was finding everything out as you read. If you are a fan of this couple and this town, then you will love this novel. It is a treat.

Deep Trouble shows us that the truth can both hurt and heal. See Fallon, Brody, Tremaine and some of our other friend sin this novel about facing fears and just letting it all out. synopsis

Keeping secrets leads to deeper trouble… Fallon never expected love, or to find a man who accepted her so fully. New doubt arises with the threat to their unborn twins. One thing Brody needs in his life—Fallon. His love is unconditional. Now she’s hiding something and distance is growing. When the tension breaks and the truth comes out, can they bridge the gap?follow