Delayed Admission by Heather Renee

This book completely took me by surprise. This is my first read from this author and it definitely wont be my last. I am hooked.

I jumped onto this tour because I am on a big PNR school type read binge and this one was EVERYTHING. Heather crafted a world that you dive into and get lost in. I loved the squad that we met in this world and now I need novellas for each and every one of them. We dive into Raegan's life and she is exactly the normal teenager you expect, aside from the fact that she is now having random magical instances. Throw in the fact that she now has to go to Shadow Veil and that her whole life has been hidden from her. Just a few twists, ya know? But really, this novel was so much fun to read. It had just enough romance for me and a crazy plot that threw twists all around you as you read. The characters drove me a bit nuts at times, but hey, they are 18-20 year olds, it is expected. Part of my liked the fact that they had their flaws and made some poor life choices. But back to the story itself, there were shifters and vampires, elves and magic galore! I loved getting to see this authors depiction of all of the different magic races and her world building was fantastic. I cannot wait to see where she takes us next. There are so many ways this story can go and I can't wait to read the next book. Im headed to grab it now. I love when I discover a series and its already complete!

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She's being hunted and the only way to survive is to become the hunter. To Raegan Keyes, she's the only one of her kind but has no idea what she is. Until one night, when she finds out her unexplainable abilities aren't the only thing she needs to worry about, and her world becomes much bigger than she ever could have dreamed. When a mysterious man named Enzo arrives, too striking to be human, Raegan learns she's not as alone as she believed. As more secrets are revealed, she's swept off to an academy for others like her thousands of miles away from home by a complete stranger whom she'd rather stab than travel with. As tension builds between Raegan and Enzo, she begins to find her purpose as she settles into her new existence. With a group of new friends, she's finally feeling alive again. That is until something sinister comes along, once more throwing her life into mayhem.