Delicate Promises by Kelly Elliott

If you don't already know that Kelly Elliott is going to swoon your socks off, then prepare yourself because this is the sweet and most romantic read ever.

I loved that not only were the characters real but they were relatable and flawed. Miles and Kynslee made their mistakes ad on the flip side they made them right. I loved that they had to work for their HEA. This is a story of fighting for the love you almost missed out on, and just believing in love. I love Kelly's small town reads and I love hat I am always filled to the heart by the end of the reads. This book was no different.

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At eighteen-years-old, I made a promise with my best friend in high school. If neither one of us were married by age thirty-two, we would marry each other. Now Miles Warner is back in town and wants to cash in on that promise we made all those years ago. The fact that Miles is still unmarried and single baffles me. The young man I remembered from high school has grown into one of the most handsome men I’ve ever laid eyes on. And he refuses to take no for an answer. You see, he needs a bride, and I’m his last resort. Romantic, isn’t it? Well, no thank you. That is not going to happen. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. But as the days pass by and Miles settles back into life in our hometown, I find myself falling head over heels in love with him. Again. What is the lesson I’ve learned, you ask? Never make a promise you don’t intend to keep.