A Demon In Dallas by Amy Armstrong


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This was a GREAT suspense filled read! I was in the mood for something fast paced and full of crazy and this novel fit the bill to a T! Vampires and Demons? Heck. Yes. I really fell for these characters. Raven was independent, strong willed, and stuck to what she believed ever if others didn't agree. I adored the fact that Conner loved her despite everything. Each secondary character you meet as well is very well built even if they aren't a good person in the end. I love a story with a great cast and this one fit the bill. Raven isn't everyone cup of tea, but for me she was perfect for the story. This book had a great plot and definitely leaves you wanting the next book in the series. This installment is an action packed love story that the characters don't see coming. Those are the best kind in my book. Give me some shifters, demons and a vamp here and there and some romance and this reader is good-to-go. This series has a solid start and a very unique premise to it. It definitely has the potential to rise and shine!


Two years ago, vampire hunter Raven walked out on the love of her life in order to save his, but now that she needs Connor’s help to locate a demon in Dallas, can she keep their encounter to business only, or is she about to fall for the sexy were-shifter all over again? When her partner Matt is kidnapped by vampires, it’s down to vampire huntress Raven to locate him. But during her rescue mission, she nearly succumbs to the wicked charms of an evil fairy and is blackmailed by a devious angel who wants her to locate a demon in Dallas. Raven’s superior in the hunters' council gives her just seventy two hours to find Matt before a team of hunters are sent in whose mission statement is kill first, ask questions later. Raven’s going to need help, but the only person she can turn to is her ex-boyfriend Connor, a werewolf who Raven hasn’t been able to get out of her heart or head. Unwittingly thrown into a battle between good and evil and with danger lurking around every corner, Raven must race against the clock to locate the demon and rescue Matt while dealing with her feelings of guilt for walking out on Connor two years ago - even though she did so to save his life. follow