Dirty Rich Obsession by Lisa Renee Jones

Lisa did it again. She delivered the longest book EVER and I loved every single page of it. Enemies to lovers? YES PLEASE! Written by Lisa Renee Jones? Even more YES PLEASE!

The chemistry in this book is absolutely raging. Like I am surprised that the book didn't explode while I was reading it. I swear really, the sexual tension in this book was amazing. It fit with the plot perfectly and When they finally got together it was everything I needed it to be!

Carry and Reid were IT. I loved the back and forth and as per usual, Lisa gives us all the secrets that I love from her books. Keep me on my toes and leave me absolutely raving about this book? Check!

This was kind of like a Romeo and Juliet type of story but on steroids and with all the secrets. The end of this left me so excited for the next book that comes out in a few months.

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Reid Maxwell is one of the top corporate attorneys and one of the most eligible bachelors in New York City. He likes his wins big, his women beautiful and in bed, not out, and most importantly the deep burn of his past buried. Until one woman, a most unexpected woman, challenges him in ways that might just destroy the invincible Mr. Maxwell.

Carrie West is captive to Reid Maxwell and a debt between their families she doesn't know exists. It should be so simple for Reid Maxwell. Claim the company that is now his. The problem: he's now obsessed with Carrie, the daughter of the man he's destined to destroy.

Now who's captive to who?