Domesticated by Jettie Woodruff


4 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Jettie always seems to surprise me with her novels. I don't even read that synopsis of them at this point. Anything she writes I will read. This novel was a new twist for me. Sometimes it is nice to go back to a novel that doesn't have a bunch of crazy shit going on, while still having it be great. Hot. This novel is also Hot. Just when I think a novel CAN'T possibly get hotter, it does. And Oh MY is he delicious. Domesticated After I got the entire ARC from Jettie I was super happy with how the novel flowed. We got a lot of background on the heroine and the first few chapters really set us up for the rest of the story. They didn't seem important at first, but as the story progressed they were. I Loved the characters in this. I love when I have a character I can Hate and Love at the same time. This novel gives that to you. There were some I just plain hates, but don't worry, you will do. I am being vague on purpose with this review. Just know that you are going to love it.