Downfall by Willow Aster

Willow did it. She topped every other novel she has written and blew my mind with ALL THE THINGS I WANTED. Arranged marriage with ROYALS which also throws a little ENEMIES TO LOVERS? Yes PUH-LEASE! Luka and Eden were awesome. I loved how they were both such strong willed characters and getting to see them battled each other's wills was explosive. Throw in enough sexual tension to literally set you book on fire and you wont be able to put this book down. This is a completely read, no cliffy. But don't worry, we are going to get so much more in this world and I cannot wait to read it. Downfall is the first glimpse into this grand royal filled world that Willow has created. We meet just enough royals to leave us salivating when we get to the end of this read. Luka and Eden were so completely unprepared for each other and you fall in love with them each as the story progresses. It is inevitable. But don't you worry, there is enough twists and turns to keep everyone on their toes, reader included.

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I was naïve to think my marriage to Luka Catano might work. I was infatuated with him from afar… Until I met him. He loved the challenge of his next conquest, anyone would do... Except me. A wife was never something he wanted. Torturous was not a strong enough word to describe how I felt when I was in a room with Luka. Besides hating nearly every word that came out of his mouth, I also drowned with lust every time I looked at him. At times I thought he might feel the same. But nothing prepared me for what his family would make me become. *There will be four books in the Kingdoms of Sin series. Each book can be read as a standalone though there are interconnecting characters.*