Drive My Crazy by Samantha Chase

EEEk! I was SO excited for this read. It was a trope I hadn't read a lot of and I absolutely enjoyed every word. These past few weeks i have been diving into the best books ever and this book was top shelf.
Shared road tripping, YES. I loved seeing Finn and Grace get throw together by the universe and this trip was perfection. They had the best banter ever and the fact hat you got to know them WHILE they got to know each other was the best. I loved seeing their barriers slowly fall. I laughed so much during this book that I swear it might have set a new personal record. Don't get me wrong, this book had ALL THE SWOON, but it was truly a rom-com for the ages. A fantastic start to the new series!
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One car. Two strangers. Infinite possibilities. Grace Mackie is having the worst day. Finding out her fiancé only proposed for the sake of a promotion is one thing. But discovering he’d also knocked up his assistant? There’s no coming back from that. Desperate to escape her own destination wedding, she’ll do just about everything to get back home and put the whole mess behind her. Even driving cross-country in a rental car. Finn Kavanaugh’s day is even worse. What had started as a brother bonding trip has now left him stranded three thousand miles from home without a car or credit card. Because his brother took off with both. So much for bonding, right? As much as he might want to throttle his brother, he first has to find a way to get home. His only option? A rental car and a cross-country trek. Neither of them expected their trip would come complete with a surprise passenger. But desperate times and all that. Warning — This sweet, sexy and laugh out loud funny romance is filled with all the most ridiculous road trip stories you can imagine and sure to drive you crazy with all the feels!