Duke by Jasinda Wilder

Goodreads|Amazon Holy heck in a handbasket! This book was adrenaline from start to finish. Then to leave me WANTING like that? I need the next book now. This instant. Temple and Duke wake up having been kidnapped. W=Tlk about a hot start. From that moment forwards things only got more suspenseful. Form escape, to hiding, to survival, Temple was out of her element completely while Duke was doing all he could to save them both. This novel was Alpha male to the max and I LUUUUVVVEEED it. Temple had the spunk and Duke had the, well, everything. Temple took some getting used to, but in the end I GOT her and I ended up really liking her.' This book was like watching a hot action movie. Full of the crazy with just enough of the romance and sexy scenes. Even if you start with this book in the series, you will be hooked and I promise you will want the other novels next! This ending. It WAS a cliffhanger, but not a terrible one. Just one that leaves you aching for what comes next. Perfect torture.

The Synopsis:

Under ordinary circumstances, waking up bound and gagged next to a hot guy wouldn't be the worst thing that's ever happened, but these aren't ordinary circumstances. There's guys with guns after us...LOTS of them--both the guns and the guys. Six-six, built like a god, red hair, blue eyes, and a tree trunk between his legs. Yeah. This is the guy I got kidnapped with. Phrasing is important there: kidnapped WITH, not kidnapped BY. Fortunately, Duke Silver is a hard-core badass, because it's going to take every last shred of skill he has as a killer commando to keep us both alive, and even then, nothing's a sure thing.