Bookish Easter Gifts

Easter With Easter right around the corner, we scoured the internet for some fun bookish ways to fill an easter basket with LESS candy and MORE book fun. We do this with our son and he LOVES the fun easter basket he gets.

A little candy and a lot of learning.

First, I like to do 2-3 books that are all about easter. This way we can read them that day and it helps us dive in full force. Most kids already know this books counterparts to it makes for a fun twist! Happy Eater, Mouse!
Another GREAT one to throw in there is the ever classic Disney book. We have done everything from Golden books, to Board books, to chapter books, but something that my 5 year old LOVES is Mickey Mouse. Hoppy Clubhouse Easter
With a few books thrown in, even if they are different books for your older children, the real fun begins. I love a good coloring book. I don't know about you, but even at 24 I think they are just the funnest. This is something that you can sit down with your kids and spend an hour just having fun doing. Easter Surprises
There are some GREAT adult coloring books out there now as well. Why not throw now of these in cart for yourself. That way it becomes a family affair. Adult Coloring Books
Calm The Fuck Down
So we have our books, but what about crayons? This can get so fun too! You can buy a plethora of different types these days. From Glitter packs, to the regular old Crayola Pack. Crayola Crayons
We have the books, we have some book related coloring and now we can do some book related TOYS! Right? I know. Awesome First I like to throw a shirt in there, because when you have a boy like mine who LOVES to change his outfit, a cool Dr. Seuss shirt fits the bill for fun.
Then for the next "toy" aspect. Stickers! Well, they are sticker books, but still toys in my kids eyes. National Geographic Book
Cupcake Sticker Book
So if we want to continue with our Book theme, we can even do that into the candy. Because, if we HAVE to hand candy, it might as we'll by Harry Potter candy!
Of course there are a TON of ways you can do an Easter Basket, but I think a bookish themed one is not only FUN, but educational at the same time. Throw a few plastic eggs in there and it will make for one fun morning!