Eleanor and Grey by Brittany C Cherry

Add To Goodreads "More Of That" I am NOT over this book. This book hit me so much emotionally that I wasn't able to move past it for a few days. Grey and Eleanor were so amazing. I loved that their romance was not only a time span romance, but a second chance romance, AND a new beginning romance. Literally Brittainy took all the things we didn't know we needed and wrapped them up in an emotional packed romance that has you bawling at the phrase above. I finished the book and made myself a bag that says that on it because As soon as I was done I felt like I needed to embody that as well. Eleanor and Grey go through so much in their lives. Both face such harrowing loss that it is hard as a reader to go through with them. In the end though there was such beauty.


Greyson East left his mark on me. As the young girl who first fell for him, I didn’t know much about life. I did know about his smiles, though, and his laughs, and the strange way my stomach flipped when he was near. Life was perfect…until it wasn’t, and when we were forced to go our separate ways, I held on to our memories, let go of my first crush, and wished for the day I’d find him again. When my wish came true, it was nothing like I imagined. I couldn’t have known when I took the nanny position that it would be his children I looked after, that my new boss would be that boy I used to know, that boy who was now a man—a cold, lonely, detached man. The smile and laugh I had loved so much were gone, now distant memories. Every part of him was covered in a fresh pain. When he realized who I was, he made me promise to do my job and my job only. He made me promise not to try to get to know him, not to recall the memories I’d treasured all this time. But, sometimes, I saw the boy I’d once known in his stormy eyes. I saw the Greyson who smiled and laughed, who had stolen a young girl’s heart, and there was no doubt in my mind that this boy was worth fighting for. I was given a second chance with the one who’d left his mark on me. All I hoped was that somehow I’d leave a mark on his soul, too. **Eleanor & Grey is a complete Standalone novel**