Elemental Compass by Jaymin Eve

Jacob and Justice are here to bring us their story and trust me, you truly had no idea where this story was going to go. I know. I KNOW. We all had our ideas at the end of the last book. We were wrong. This book is so much more.
I refuse to accept this is the final book in this series. I love this family fiercely and could read this tory ten times over. There is something about the core family value that it toes in that you just can't help but be enveloped by. This book was everything. Truth me. You weren't ready for Jacob's story until now.
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Jacob Compass is stuck in the human world, navigating a peaceful treaty so that supernaturals are not exposed. Justice Winter reluctantly finds herself helping him with this task, all the while dreaming about punching him in his perfect, smug face. Suffice it to say, their coexistence is a challenge in many ways. Turns out, though, that during this battle against an enemy that they can't just kill and get rid of--annoying as it may be--they learn that they have more in common than just their fey race. More than the fact that both of them find joy in the fire element. There's something deeper that exists in their souls, and maybe, it might just take the end of the world for them to figure out what it is. *This is the final in the Supernatural Prison series. Full length urban fantasy/paranormal romance.