Empire by Lisa Renee Jones

Lisa did it again! She floored me with the third novel in this series and it was LIFE! Harper and Eric went through literally fire to be together. This is a second chance romance and the third novel in this series. This is the book where everything comes to a head. You get all the answers you have been hunting for, and in the end this couldn't have come out better if I had actually planned it as a reader. Lisa is one of those authors that you know is going to give you a HEA, but you are going to have to fight to get there. This book? This book has some fo the fighting that you expect, but it has so much that you don't see coming. Not only do the characters have the physical fight, but they also have some internal fights they have to work through. This was completely the perfect ending for me for this series. I got all my questions answered and got the ending I was crossing all my fingers for.

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Harper and Eric are now faced with trust issues. Can they survive their enemies and find a path to love and forever? The third and final book in the Filthy Trilogy. Book one: The Bastard Book Two: The Princess