Endless by Jessica Shirvington (Violet Eden #4)


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

This book WRECKED me. All of it. Every page. Done. Wrecked. Broken. That is how I feel after this novel. THE FEELS. Everything in this novel is fast paced and epic. Epic. Revelation after revelation has brought us to this pivotal moment in the Pheonix drama. Violet has to make some hard choices in this book. I absolutely feel back in love with her character and was on this ride with her. How much would you sacrifice for those you love? To save innocent people? Those are the questions that Violet faces head on in this riveting read. Endless is a good way to put this novel into one word. Some of these problems have been going on from the very start and these characters deserve a break. They deserve to have an end in sight. The ending? I can't even talk about it. I am NOT okay. Not at all. If I didn't love my e-reader I would have thrown in. NOT okay. This is the type of read that absolutely request cupcakes and wine. Or at the very least chocolate. Something comforting because you wont be able to breath through most of it. The other thing that this novel has in spades is SWOON worthy-ness. Some of these scenes the hot factor was palpable. I mean heat coming off the pages H-O-T. So much transpires in this novel that I really felt like this is what we were building up to. This is going to be the end-all for a lot of our plot lines and big things were going to happen. I got lost in this read and I don't quite think I am ready to be found. Not yet at least. Off to read book five!


Love will kill us all. Angels are real. They aren't always kind. Violet Eden is certain of all this because she is Grigori - part angel, part human. She has felt the influence of both light and dark. When Hell unleashes its worst, Violet must embrace every facet of her angel self to save the people she cares about and the world as she knows it. But death is not the worst thing that Violet will face. For her, the endless question 'Can love conquer all?' will finally be answered.