Entangled Darkness by Brandy L Rivers (Others Of Edenton #8)


"He never believed love was in his cards. He'd played too many hands to tarnish his soul."


Amazon: http://amzn.to/2oWzklh


I've had this book on my kindle for a while, Brandy just write too darn fast for me to keep up. I savored this book. These three are hands down my favorite of the Edenton world and I loved jumping back into bed with them.

Get it?

But okay. With what has been happening lately in Edenton, I knew this book was going to take us for a ride. Trem, Robert, and Liz all had things to come to terms with and realities that they could deny any longer. With HARP breathing back into life in this book, these realities face them head on.

I loved the coming together of sorts with characters that we have all come to love. We touch base with others that we have been waiting to hear more from and people are really drawn together when push comes to shove. I feel like we have spent all these books piecing together this family of sorts and now they are going to all join together to protect those they love and the next generation. It leave the series with SO MANY possibilities without having it feel like it drags on.

Throw in some near death experiences and some situations that I honestly didn't know that outcome for, and I was engulfed in this book page after page. This story opened up the doorway for SO MUCH. I can't wait to see where Brandy takes it next.


Even the best intentions can be entangled in darkness.

Tremaine is no stranger to tough decisions. One case took him so deep he nearly lost his way. Saving Liz gave him purpose, pulling him back into the light.

After tragedy, Tremaine helped Liz rebuild her life. Their pieces fell into place with Robert. The three of them have forged an unbreakable bond through heartbreak and reunion.

Robert’s new case threatens to drag Tremaine back to his darkest hours. Every revealed secret pulls them deeper, entwining the three further.

Together they’ll uncover plots set in motion long before Tremaine’s was assigned the case that nearly broke him. The truth will either bind or destroy them all.