Eternal Sacrifice by Stacey O'Neale

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What did I think?

Loved it. This was a fantastic way to wrap up this wild series. Stacey answered all our questions and gave us the ending we were dreaming of. Kalin and Rowan sure have things cut out for them in this novel. The worlds are potentially collapsing and the only way to stop it is sacrificing herself. The only way to save everyone is to say goodbye. I'm going to level with you. I went into this book needing that NOT to happen. I needed the HEA I wanted and that was that. I wont tell you what happened, but I will tell you this book broke my heart in so many ways, and in the same breath put it back together in a way I didn't think possible. It was beautiful and wonderful. Rowan goes through SO much in this novel. He had a lot of hurt and a lot of growing up happen through the corse of it. The same went for Kalin. My heart ached for her. It is few novels that bring me to actual tears and this one did that. A perfect ending. Let where I could see more, but it felt perfect and final.


The explosive conclusion to Stacey O’Neale’s award-winning Mortal Enchantment series reveals the secrets of the fantasy world! Valac has stolen two of the sacred objects. In a bid to rule all four courts, he has threatened to use Excalibur to cut the mist that protects Avalon—ultimately ending the lives of thousands of elementals. As the Akasha, Kalin has the power to stop him. And she refuses to lose anyone else she loves. Will she have to sacrifice herself to save them? Desperate to save Kalin’s life, Rowan searches for the long-lost creator of the mist. But what he finds is the very last thing he expected. Everything he thought he knew about his past is turned upside down, and he questions whether he’s meant to be the savior or the elemental that destroys them all. Told from Kalin, Rowan, and Marcus’s perspective, the final installment to the series follows their journey of courage, duty, sacrifice, and love.