Everdeep by Candace Knoebel

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My Thoughts:

With everything that went down in book three I couldn't WAIT to see where Candace took us with this novel. We weren't let down. It was another rollercoaster that left my breathless again and again. With everything that Faye has gone though, you think she would finally get some time to catch her breath, but the hits keep on coming. If you are reading this I hope that you have read the previous 3 novels. If not, go do that before you read this book. Trust me. You need to. The priesthood has been taking down, but was it worth the cost? I don't know about you, but my heart hurts. With Faye now in Ethereal City again and things coming to the ultimate boiling point I know I was on edge the whole book. I knew something was going to happen and I was ready for it. okay. I wasn't ready. Prepare yourself. This novel is a wild ride from start to finish. Nothing and No-one is safe. Everdeep leaves you salivating for the next novel in this series. It all comes down to this? Are you ready?

The Blurb:

There are some sacrifices we never recover from… Faye Middleton is at a crossroads in her life. After breaking the last seal and discovering their Rebellion camp was destroyed, she returns to Ethryeal City, determined to avenge the deaths of her mother and friends. Faye and her team do what they can to keep their Coven intact now that the Priesthood has fallen, but with Darkyn attacks threatening the exposure of their kind, the Primeval Coven is close to being cut off by the United Nations. Until Meredith, a mysterious Darkyn, appears, claiming she has information that will help Faye bring down the two responsible for the deaths of her mother and friends, and for the fall of her Coven. The only catch is that it requires returning to the very place she lost her mother—the Underground. Not wanting to risk any more lives, Faye and Weldon agree to go with Meredith on their own. They know Faye will have to face the one machine every Coven is after—the Exanimator. No one who has ever stepped in has ever come out the same, if at all… But Faye will do anything she can to protect those she loves, even if it costs her life.