Explicit by Ava Harrison

This book is a complete standalone and it is going to RUIN YOU! In the best way!

This book left me grasping for words and feelings I WANT MORE AND IT WAS PERFECTION. I swear I still don't quote know how I feel about how much i was sucked in and devoured BY THIS BOOK. Thats right, the book devoured ME. Okay. Back to the words. The writing of the sentences. Pierce and Lindsey were phenomenal. I shipped them both SO hard in this read and I don't care what type of books you read, if you love romance you will love this. This is a book with flaws and hurt and truth and the characters are so raw that you can't help but fall in love with them as the story progresses.

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Pierce Lancaster is bad news. Spoiled. Entitled. Sexy as — He’s exactly what I don’t want in my life. What I don't need. I’m not the girl he knew before. I’ve changed. But he hasn’t. He’s trouble filled with empty promises. I’ve come too far to fall back. Yet I can’t seem to stay away. I can’t say no. I am addicted to Pierce Lancaster. *Explicit is a STANDALONE novel. Text ‘Explicit' to 313131 to receive a text when available for purchase.