Exploration by Peyton Sloane


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Meg's review:

I enjoyed this book. Reading the synopsis after the author approached me I was intrigued. I am definitely a "judge a book by it's cover" type of girl and this cover didn't do it for me. I am SO glad that I went for it though because the author definitely sold this story. It was fantastic. Jazz and Julian are quite entertaining. Julian is like a little kid at times and I really enjoyed it. Jazz is headstrong and says whats on her mind and I loved that. She doesn't jump right in and it was refreshing to read. Some parts were a little rough around the edges, and the book could use some editing. Overall ti was a great and quick read though. I can't wait to read the next novel in this series. I know it will grab me as this one did. Very original and refreshing to read. Exploration on Amazon Find it on Goodreads


Being with the same man since she was 18, 26 year old widow Jazz Mickelson is hoping to catch up on all the life experiences that could have been hers had she not leapt into a committed relationship so young. Julian St. Sauveur is looking for three things: romance, comfort and trust. He mistakenly thought he had them once many years ago. He sees potential for him and Jazz but knows it is too soon for her. Will she accept his unusual proposition, one that allows him to hold on to her while she catches up on life?...and will she choose him after experiencing all the wonders that await her? Find out as Jazz and Julian explore their potential... Buy it here: Exploration on Amazon Find it on Goodreads