Exposed by Jasinda Wilder



Jasinda has done it again. With Madame X, we met our characters, and with Exposed, exactly that happens. X is on the hunt for answers and things are about to heat up. This novel is all about answers and growth. Madame X wants to know her past, she wants to know it all. She si becoming her own person, while still under caleb's control, and that makes for an interesting situation. With how the first book ended I jumped right into this one. I wanted answers as much as she did and I was hoping we would get some this time around. Enter Logan. I am a HUGE fan of him. I love the knight in shining armor bit that he has going on, and even more-so I love the type of man he is. He is enigmatic in a way that Caleb isn't when you are reading about them. This book took you through the ringers. With Madame X breaking out of her shell she is discovering herself in ways that she never has before. She is opening her eyes to the world around her. It is like watching a child while you are reading. The way that she sees things at first can be very innocent. It was a dark read and I got exactly what I was hoping for. Jasinda has a knack for writing a book that encompasses you and has you reeling page after page. It was perfectly paced and left me very excited for the 3rd book in the series!!



New York Times bestselling author Jasinda Wilder presents the second darkly seductive novel starring the mysterious Madame X. Everything Madame X has ever known is contained within the four walls of the penthouse owned by her lover, her keeper, the man who controls her every move and dominates her desires. While Caleb owns her body, someone else has touched her soul. X’s awakening at the hands of Logan’s raw, honest masculinity has led her down a new path, one that is as exciting as it is terrifying. But Caleb’s need to own her completely knows no bounds, and he isn’t about to let her go. Not without a fight that could destroy them all…