Exposed by Willow Aster

Well I will be darned. This book surprised me. I started it and was not a fan of the characters we were with on this journey. They were driving me mad and I wanted nothing to do with them in the first book nor the second.

Then I read this book. This is Mara and Elias's story. This is the story you didn't know you needed. I love a book hat can take my perception of characters and turn is on its end. I love that it really changed my opinion little by little. I may have almost combusted while reading it though because fret not, the steam level is scalding in this book. Willow took a set of flawed and broken characters and made you see through the facade that they show the world. For Mara it was a mask she wore to protect herself. For Elias though, for him is was his entire life that he was withholding and it broke your heart. This was an amazing read. A lot comes to light from the events of the first book and you get too ee all the favorites in a different way. I cannot WAIT for the next read.

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It was never a question of love. I knew I loved Elias Lancaster and that he loved me. At least I always thought he did. But for some reason, he always found an excuse not to be with me. The pain I felt as my childhood love rejected me, again and again, after promising me the world when we were kids… Well, it just wouldn’t go away. No matter how hard I tried. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and I never wanted to be considered desperate, but I knew if something didn’t change soon, I’d lose Elias for good and die of a broken heart. No one told me how many times my heart could break in the process. Book 1: Downfall is LIVE! (Luka and Eden) Book 2: Exposed January 9, 2020 (Mara and Elias) Book 3: Ruin March 5, 2020 (Ava) Book 4: May 7, 2020 (Jadon