Fall From Grace by Christina Zolendz


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

This was a really great read. It is one of those that I jumped into without reading the synopsis. I saw the cover and had to read the book. I am most certainly glad I did! It was a really great read. Christina has a way with her characters that you can't help but become addicted too. I LOVED Grace as a character. She was so incredibly strong and resilient, I adored her. Relatable and full of life, Grace was a character to look up to. I love when an author does this in a novel. Grace is also searching. She is looking for someone with very little to go on. He is The One and she won't settle until it is him that she finds. Enter Shane. Shane is DELISH! Like really. Hot band leading bad boy. Toping this delectable sundae? His utter apparent passion for Grace. It is palpable when hey are together. Only one problem. Grace is on the search for her mystery man. The man she is meant to be with. On the flip side, these feelings for Shane are undeniable. A lot of this book is a mystery. I feel like it needs to be that way because this book has a lot of Big Bangs. You don't want to miss it. Also, be sure to have book two ready and waiting, this one leaves you in a tizzy.


I'm finally home after struggling through my brother's illness and death. But, home is definitely a bit different. My best friend (the only person alive now that knows my secret) has a new boyfriend; and he has a friend. Shane Maxton: bad boy, tattooed rock god, eye candy extraordinaire. He is also New York City's most arrogant, self-serving, son of a, well, a definite one-night stand kind of a guy. But, it doesn't matter to me because I've spent my existence looking for the love of my life, my angel. And, there is nothing that Shane Maxton can do to change that. A paranormal romance.