Fallen by Juli Valenti

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I have been waiting FOREVER for this book y'all, so hang in there while I GUSH about it for a few minutes.

Right off the get go, you are all in with this book. I was a fan of this series as soon as I read Poet's start, but Sarah's start brought all the feels. I have been aching for her and Fallen's story since that hospital scene.

You know the one. I KNEW it was coming. Knew it. Now that we finally have it I am overjoyed. Juli gave her a story that sadly is very relatable for a lot of women. It was heartbreaking and also liberating watching Sarah really get out of her bad and find her good. I felt like a cheerleader while reading. I wanted her too finally find her good. Even if her good was in an MC and being slightly less legal with her decisions.

She grew in this book and became a woman who she liked to see in mirror. A woman she felt like she knew was finally looking back at her.

Then there was Fallen. This man. Such chaos behind his eye, but once he opens up he loves unconditionally. I liked that he wants perfect. He wasn't the knight in shining armor, but he was the man that was going to tell Sarah how it was truthfully and do everything he could to protect her.

We get all the favorites in this book and a bunch of new people that I am DYING to get book about. Juli delivered an invigorating plot that I kept thinking I had figured out until she threw another curve at me.

Just like with the previous two novels, this book featured a strong heroine who not only fights her own battles when she can, but ask for help when she knows she needs it. A woman I can be happy to relate to as I read.

Jump into Sarah and Fallen'd story. Both exhilarating and emotionally crafted, this book takes you on a wild ride.


Sarah O'Fallen was nothing like the people she'd met in the Hells Redemption Motorcycle Club. She was a nurse, whose heart focused on saving lives and harming none, seeing everything in nothing but blacks and whites. Except, all that changed on a random Friday afternoon. After spending a night in jail, for a crime she didn't commit, something changed in her. Sarah found herself amongst shades of gray, where the world wasn't fair and choices were often made in the heat of the moment. Lukas "Fallen" Belrose, the infamous man-whore and Sergeant in Arms of HR, had only ever cared about three things in life: his club, his band, and the women in his bed. With a hair-trigger and a cold, heartless side of his personality, he was far from ideal boyfriend material. That didn't keep him from wanting Sarah, however. But can their relationship survive the drama - the club violence, his reputation? Will Sarah be able to make a life in the crazy MC world she's stumbled into? Or will her universe collapse, making her lose herself entirely?