Fallen Crest Family by Tijan


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

I thought things were crazy in Fallen Crest High, but this book took it to another level. With all of the parents in on Mason and Sam's relationship, things are bound to get crazy.

Mason, Sam, and Logan have been through it so far together, and they won't let things chance now that Sam's mother has gone off her rocker. This novel forces Sam to face her past. There are things that no one knew, and things she didn't want to remember. This novel really dives in and has sam confronting all of the things in her life she had run to avoid. I was even more in love with Mason and Sam in this. The is her rock through everything. No matter what is going on, Sam knows that Mason will be there. He is the man she is in love with, and as long as she has that things will be okay. They have to be. FCFTeaser This book went to a much deeper level emotional then its predecessors. I was enthralled with the characters and everything they were dealing with. These characters made you fall in love with them the first page you read with them, and this novel really solidifies who much you love them. I don't know if I will ever want to say goodbye. This entire series is exceptionally written. It has a few plot lines that are working through the the books, and they flow together really well. I find that with some books a plot line gets started and you don't gets back to it for a book or two. This series does a great job of keeping everything flowing really well. I am never confused and never find myself trying to remember what happened with certain characters. I don't know if that makes sense. I just mean that the books are addictive and really easy to read. You don't want to miss this series. Not one minute of it!!


Samantha and Mason are together. Everyone knows it. Not everyone is dealing with it. While Mason’s ready to give them the middle finger, there’s one not going away. Her mother. Threats are issued. Ultimatums are given. Even blackmail is used, but only Samantha can put a stop to Analise. However, when a trauma from her past is triggered, she may not have the courage or strength to do what’s needed. If she doesn’t, Mason’s future could be destroyed.