Fallen Jester by Devney Perry

I will never tire of the Tin Gypsy Series and I will be sad too see this series end. Leo and Cassandra were a big YES for me.

Okay if you know my reading habits at all on here you know that I LOVE accidental Pregnancies and this was took that to the max. I was hooked not here two and I loved how this tied into this world. 

I honestly wasn't sure I was going to like Leo getting a book and here we are and I am in love. So it must be that magic Devney delivers.

This book keeps you on edge and its a fantastic ride. Let Devney change your mind about Leo. This story is worth it.

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Leo Winter loves his life. He works when he needs money. He rides when he craves freedom. He frequents the local bar when he wants a good time. The Tin Gypsies might be a memory, but the bachelor life he lived with his motorcycle club still suits him fine. So when a one-night stand surprises him at a family barbecue and claims she’s pregnant with his child, he’s certain he’s died and gone to hell.

Cassandra Cline took one night off from her structured life. One. And now her wild fling with the local bad boy has turned her life sideways. Her dreams and academic career are circling the drain, and none of it would have happened if she’d stayed far, far away from Leo.

Except avoiding him is impossible, especially when she’s forced to move home to Clifton Forge, Montana. And he refuses to leave her side when a series of strange accidents put her and their baby at risk. But are they accidents? Or is she standing in the middle of a battlefield she doesn’t understand?

Her only allies are people she barely knows. And a man who has the potential to steal her heart.

If only he’d stop playing the fool.