SURPRISE! Falling Under by Jasinda Wilder

FallingUNder 5 Stars

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Meg's Review:

This was SUCH a great surprise to get in my inbox on Wed. Jasinda's ARC's are always a special something. This one blew me away yet again. Back into the wonderful world of Nell, Colt, Jason, and Becca <3 We are 17 years later jumping into the wonderful world of Nell and Colt's daughter Kylie, and her life <3 From the moment we met Oz I knew I was going to love him. He was going to weave his way into my heart and again become one of those characters that I adored. Call me shocked when he did not only that, but he took it to another level. Tall, tattooed, handsome and brooding.

Everybody knows girls like the bad boys, and I'm thoroughly bad.

Just what Kylie needs. I Loved Kylie as a character as well. She's strong-willed and fights for what she wants. She is very decisive with her decisions and sticks to her guns. PLUS not only is she gorgeous, she's real. She speaks her emotions and lays it all on the table. No hidden agendas with her.

Falling Under Teaser

We can always count on Jasinda to write those heroines that we LOVE. The story was fantastic. I sometimes worry when an author puts out another book in a series that you weren't expecting. It usually goes two ways. It's Terrible because they are just writing it to write, or its FANTASTIC. This one is fantastic. Nell and Colt's novel ended perfectly, and so Did Jason and Becca's. I liked the fact that we got to see more of them as well as Becca & Jason, but that this novel wasn't about them. This was about Kylie and Oz. Its their turn and Jasinda gives them their due. But don't worry. We all know how well Colt stays in line, and when it comes to his baby girl all bets are off.

Seeing that gesture in Oz, in the guy my daughter is interested in? It scared the F**k out of me. What frightens me even more in the fact that I don't know what the hell to do about it. - Colt

This novel takes you for a ride. Its a fast and wonderful ride. Packed full of great music and unyielding love, this book grabs you and doesn't let go. Another MUST READ from Jasinda Wilder. (Did You Expect Any Less?) Go One-Click Novel Grounders. Book One: Falling Into You Book Two: Falling Into Us


My name is Colton Calloway. You’ve heard part of my story, but it turns out there’s more. My little girl, Kylie, is all grown up. Seventeen, beautiful, and talented, just like her mother. And just like Nell, my daughter seems to have fallen for a bad boy, one with a lot of darkness and a lot of secrets.
* * *
You thought you knew the whole story. You thought it was over. Happily ever after for everyone. You were wrong. My name is Oz Hyde, and you’ve never met me. I’m part of the story, too, but I’m an aside, a quick line or two you’d all but forgotten about. Well guess what? I’ve got my own story to tell. Buckle up, ‘cause this is gonna be a hell of a bumpy ride.