Family is Forever by S.C. Stephens

We are back at it with Nika and Julian. Well, and the rest of the gang, but these are the two I am all about in this read. This book was SO much. It was crazy and full of the entire family and the quips that come with them. It was also full of the chaos that we all hoped wasn't on the horizon. Well, shocker, but it was. I've been with this series since book one and I am in it for the long haul. I had no idea how this book was going to play out. It got so crazy towards the end that I was completely baffled. I was scared and excited and totally on a ride that I didn't know the end of. Perfection. I truly hope this isn't the end. I want more. I want so much more. Stephens gave us perfection guys, and it is this book. Everything you were looking for. Add to Goodreads Buy on Amazon:


Julian Adams would give anything to rewind the last few months. His sister has been forever altered, a man he distrusts is now a permanent part of his family, and the woman of his dreams no longer remembers him. The only thing left for Julian to do is start over. Nika Adams is finally content with her life. She's forever bound to her soulmate, and helping him with a project that has given him purpose. But just when it seems peace is on the horizon, an unintended consequence of Hunter's work arises, and everyone must pull together to find a way to keep the family safe ... forever.