Fantastic Hope by Laurell K Hamilton and William McCaskey

I got this fun surprise read in the mail and as a HUGe fan of LKH I dove into it with pure excitement!.
I will be honest that I don't know any of the authors except for so that it the only short I will talk to. I LOVED it. I loved getting to get to see a little more Anita. This is the perfect story for both fans and for new readers of the series. You get to see a new story of a man that comes back to life and causes some trouble. A fun quick 10 minute read that you will completely enjoy.
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A collection of sixteen sci-fi and fantasy stories edited by #1New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton and author William McCaskey. A child’s wish for her father comes true. The end of the world has never been so much fun. Conquering personal demons becomes all too real. It’s not always about winning; sometimes it’s about showing up for the fight. It’s about loving your life’s work, and jobs that make you question everything. In this anthology, seventeen authors have woven together brand-new stories that speak to the darkness and despair that life brings while reminding us that good deeds, humor, love, sacrifice, dedication, and following our joy can ignite a light that burns so bright the darkness cannot last. Laurell K. Hamilton and William McCaskey are joined by Kevin J. Anderson, Griffin Barber, Patricia Briggs, Larry Correia, Kacey Ezell, Monalisa Foster, Robert E. Hampson, John G. Hartness, Jonathan Maberry, L. E. Modesitt, Jr., Jessica Schlenker, Sharon Shinn, M. C. Sumner, Patrick M. Tracy, and Michael Z. Williamson in this collection.