Fate's Mistake by Brandace Morrow (Los Rancheros #2)


5 Stars


Meg's Review:

First of all we need to talk about this GORGEOUS cover. It is a beautiful cover and fits the book wonderfully. Next we need to talk about this author and who she has managed to bring me to tears NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE with her writing. That takes skill, and this girl has it in spades. This is an extremely real and emotional story. These situations are far more common then people know, and I felt as though Brandace really did it justice. I will do my best of not reveal spoilers, but there may be slight ones. Favorite Quote:
"What are you going to do, little bird?" Lu asks in my ear. We pull away from each other but keep our arms connecting us. "I'm going to help people."
Kinley is not in a good place. At all. Whatsoever. She needs help and she has very little options on how to get it. She is a shadow, a shell. She is existing day by day with no idea if it could be her last. I know this quote is odd to be a favorite, but it was finally a point where I had Hope. Terrifying. That is the best way to describe how this novel starts. I was terrified, horrified, and hurt. Kinley needed to get out. She need to find a way to Live. Really Live. Enter Danny. This wasn't a knight in shining armor, insta-love, save the girl and all is flowers and candy type novel. This was real. Down and gritty to hard truths people don't want to face. Danny. Danny has a lot weighing on his shoulders, but when he sees the terrified shell of a girl, he does what others won't, and sees her. There are a lot of spoilers I don't want to give away in this novel. It isn't a 100 page love story, it is a journey. You travel with Kinley and Danny and watch as both their lives unravel and get stitched back together. FateMistakeQ I Highly recommend this read. Be warned it does contain some DV triggers, but they are written and handled in a manner that stays truthful. Things are sugarcoated or unrealistic. Brandace has bared all with this second novel and really come into her own as an author. Like Fan Girl, Fate's Mistake is a novel I won't soon forget. A Must Watch, Must Read Author.


*Can be read as a stand alone novel*
**Intended for readers 18+**

He was the perfect gentleman, and my parents adored him. In time, I learned to adore him too. I married him. He was my forever.

Until the day he hit me.

Five years went by with the speed of a ticking clock, counting down my life one painful second at a time.

Until Danny. Danny saw me. Danny was my hero.

Danny was the one I was supposed to be with.

But now I’m broken, shattered into pieces too jagged to fit back together.

Isn’t that what fate is? Puzzles fit together by an unseen hand to form a life worth living.

So when fate makes a mistake, who fixes it?