Femme Fatale by Kirsty-Anne Still


5 HUGE Stars|Amazon (99Pennies)|Goodreads

Favorite Quote: "I am not made for fairy tale ending in this life. Happily ever afters' do not exist for the Abbiati's."

Every time Kirsty puts out a new novel I think that I cannot possible enjoy it more than the last one. I am happily proven wrong each and every time. Femme Fatale is the type of novel that makes you hope for one ending, while have you simultaneously have you grasping for another. You don't really know what you want to happen, other than you want it to be a happy ending. Amelia Abbiati is the golden child in her family. She is the prized goose. The family's femme fatale. She kills, and she is good at it. But with ever kill, she looses a little of what makes her Amelia, and gains a little more of what makes her an assassin. Femme Amelia is a very complex character. I spent half of the novel hoping she would do now thing, while I knew she would inevitably make a different decision. Both sides of her are battling with each other and it is starting to show on the surface. She has one last goal to end the battle raging inside her and to complete her place inside the family. Kill the only man she has ever loved.

"Maybe I am an Abbiati after all. Maybe this will solidify my spot in the family. Maybe Zane won't have to die. Maybe I'm a dreamer."

Zane. He is the man the broke Amelia, and the man who will inevitably save her from herself. I hope. She takes the job to kill him, and with that decision everything changes. The moment she sees him again, you know things are about to get messy. This novel was a roller coaster. There are so many moving pieces and characters that I was aching to learn more about. The Abbiati Brothers are a group that I could read about for hours. With the little that you learn about them in this novel, you are hooked. Each of them has their battle looming in FF and things are about to get worse. Kirtsy weaves this world around you. By the end of the novel you find yourself in love with an assassin and orating for the murder of a father. It is a world that grabs you with its riveting plot line and exceptional developed characters. I could not put this book down. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves an NA with suspense, murder, love and lots of twists and turns.


Book one of two in The Pericolo Series. They call me the Femme Fatale. But only because they don’t know me. My job - seduce men only to deliver their death sentence. I work for my father’s business. I’m his secret weapon. I’m the one that gets away with murder. For years, I’ve given in to my father’s demands, lived the life of a mob princess, fell into this merciless realm where he presents me with a man and one goal – to kill. When it’s to keep the Abbiati name from ruins, I’ll run with the wolves and protect it fiercely. However, when he brings a new name to the table, I know my newest mission could well be the one that breaks me - don’t feel, don’t deviate, kill Zane Maverick. It should be simple, but how am I supposed to choose between the man who raised me to be this seemingly heartless and strong female and the man I could only ever love to death?