Femme Fatale Reloaded by Kirsty-Anne Still


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

AHH! SO good. I love a hot and heavy romance that is action packed and this novel delivered that in spades. In true Kirsty style this novel is the perfect blend of everything we love in a romance. If you were a fan of book one, you will LOVE this one. This book was fantastic. I was on my toes with the ending of FF and ready to hunt down Kirsty for more answers. Thank goodness we got this novel as fast as we did and that Kirsty showed pity on us. This novel was everything I hoped for and more. I hurt for Amelia and Zane in book one and that didn't stop here. They both have such struggles in their life that all I want is true love to prevail. Amelia has been through so much and her battle isn't over yet. You really have no idea where the book is going. I promise. I was on my toes with each decision and each new chapter. I was ready to kill on some pages and swooning on others. This story is filled with such immense sacrifice and passion all twisted into one explosion of shock and awe. I was blown away time and time again while reading. Kirsty has grown so much as an author and it shows in this novel. Even compared to FF #1 this novel shows growth in her writing and development of the plot. A Must Read!


Book two in the Pericolo Series. This is a continuing story! I used to be fearful. I used to be admired. I used to be the Femme Fatale. Until I fell. I fell from my status, from the pedestal I had been placed, and I fell in love. And that’s where it all went wrong. I once thrived on one motto – Don’t feel, don’t deviate, kill. Now, I thrive on betrayal, a reminder never to trust my heart, and the need to be Femme Fatale Reloaded. It’s time I got myself back to the place I most belong – a cherished, yearned for secret weapon. However, when a ghost from my past walks into my life again, pledging to be an Abbiati, my life turns upside down all over again. My biggest problem was never the kill, but the thrill of the chase. Apparently, love is the most dangerous game I can ever play, and my life is about to spiral out of control.