ARC Review! Falling For Colton by Jasinda Wilder


6 GIANT Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Each time Jasinda releases a novel in this series I prepare my heart for the beating I know it inevitably going to receive. This series is heavy on the emotional toll and I love every excruciating second of it. This si Colton's story. The story that led him to NYC. That made him the man that he is. You live through each and every one of his struggles and it tears your heart out page after page. I kept waiting for things to look up for him, or for someone to come in and save this poor boy, but he survived by the skin of his teeth and sheer will. This novel rips your heart out. All you want to do is save Colton. Jump into the book and just make it all okay. But that isn't real life and this was hid battle to fight. Both figuratively and not. You got a lot of Colton in Falling Into You, but not nearly as much as this book. We find out all of the things that happen to shape him. To make him the man that we fall in love with In Falling Into You. He is just a boy who was handed a desk with nothing but the low cards. He is also a boy who never stops believing that there is a way. We see him day after day making things work and finding a way to survive. I was completely engrossed in his story and it made me love this character even more than I thought was possible. If you loved any of Falling Into You, you need to read Falling Into Colton. It is everything more we wanted about the story and really lets you get you know Colton as much as we got to know Nell. Jasinda SHINES in this novel. Her writing is as perfect as always and you can't help but get lost in this. Grab your wine and tissues. You will need them.


I wasn’t always in love with Nell Hawthorne; I was in love with a girl named India, before i ever met Nell. India? She was my first love, the girl who made me want to be better than my past, better than the blood and violence. Live by the sword, die by the sword, that’s what they say, right? It should have been me, that day. But it was’t. It was her. And that changed me. Sent me down an even darker path than i’d been on before. Until i met her. Nell Hawthorne. The girl who changed everything. You know that story. But what you don’t know is everything that led up to that rainy day under a tree, at a funeral.