Fierce Justice by Piper Drake

Guys! Another fantastic read from Piper Drake! This was a un-put-downable read. It was full of action from the start to finish. I loved that you could dive into this as a standalone. I really love reads like this that absolutely are non stop from start to finish, but also manage to incorporate the perfect romance in them. Jason and Rain are on the job to break up human trafficking ring and not only did I cheer for the outcome I wanted, but I cheered for this couple to finally COMBUST! Fantastic pocket read that I lost a few hours on.



As a K9 handler on the Search and Protect team, Arin Siri needs to be where the action is--and right now that's investigating a trafficking operation in Hawaii. When an enemy from her past shows up bleeding, she's torn between the desire to patch Jason up or put more holes in him. Then again, the hotshot mercenary could be the person she needs to bust open her case. Jason Landon's team had always been about taking the contract, getting paid, and not asking questions. But after his last mission went south, he started to get curious. His questions quickly drove him out of his mercenary group and off the grid. Now, the only people he can think of to help him are the Search and Protect team -- and the dark beauty who is as ready to kill him as she is to bed him. And he's totally ready to risk the former for the chance at the latter. But he isn't the only person with a target on his back. Arin's in danger too, and he'll do everything he can to keep her safe.