Fighting For Our Forever by Heidi McLaughlin

I Love Heidi's writing. I only started reading her books recently, but I am addicted. I love that not only does she write fun and complex characters, but she can emotionally ground you page after page.

This might be a new binge trend for me. I now need all her novels.

But let us start with the fact that I LOVE band reads. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I read this one as a standalone, which you can, but I totally went back and grabbed all the rest now. Lol. SOOOO I would say buy the other 3. Ajay and Jamie have a tremulous relationship and I was completely on board for. I love second chance romances, they are my jam. This one has some twists that I didn't see coming but nothing crazy that didn't fit the story. It was a second chance that I was 1000% rooting for and this author is absolute binge read emotionally.

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The members of Sinful Distraction are living their best life as they travel around the country on the heels of 4225 West’s sold-out tour. Unfortunately for drummer, Ajay Ballard, that means a stop at the county jail after he’s arrested for an outstanding warrant – one he didn’t even know about. With an overzealous judge, Ajay’s forced to hang out in his hometown longer than anticipated. While the town folk aren’t exactly rolling out the red carpet for him, Quinn, Elle and the rest of Sinful Distraction are warmly welcomed into the fold. Some never get over their first love while some just can’t erase the memories. Jameson Foster falls somewhere in the middle. She’s done her best to let the past stay in the past...until she’s forced to save the one man who ruined her.