Finding Fraser by K.C. Dyer



review I give this book a solid 3 stars. I didn't WOW me, but it was a fun light read that had me giggling. A tale of literally searching for true love and following in the steps of one of the most iconic and epic couples of all time. I ADORE Outlander, so of course I had to give this twist a read. I did enjoy it and am glad I jumped in. This novel won't be for everyone, but I found it light and funny. I would say it helps a lot while reading this, if you are already an Outlander fan. There are a lot of references in the book. It is the story of a girl retracing Jamie and Claire's story while also finding herself. A great story of self discovery with that romanic twist thrown in. If you are looking for a read to rip your heart out and bring on THE FEELS, then this isn't the book for you. If you on the other hand, are looking for a novel to make you laugh and just be along for a fun ride, then you will enjoy this. Cute, predictably, and fun read. synopsis Sometimes searching for true love can be a little...Outlandish. I met Jamie Fraser when I was nineteen years old. He was tall, red-headed, and at our first meeting at least, a virgin. I fell in love hard, fast and completely. He knew how to ride a horse, wield a sword and stitch a wound. He was, in fact, the perfect man. That he was fictional hardly entered into it. At 29, Emma Sheridan's life is a disaster and she's tired of waiting for the perfect boyfriend to step from the pages of her favorite book. There's only one place to look, and it means selling everything and leaving her world behind. With an unexpected collection of allies along the way, can Emma face down a naked fishmonger, a randy gnome, a perfidious thief, and even her own abdominal muscles on the journey to find her Fraser?follow