Finding Hope by Liz Upton


|Amazon|Goodreads|3.5/4 Stars


Next door neighbors who hate each other on-sight grow up to become much more than friends , Though they love each other they have different ideas on how to live their life , after a disagreement harsh words are spoken and tragedy strikes on a cold rainy night, will the words that Jace can never say haunt him forever and cause him to lose it, or can he eventually forgive himself and move on?

Meg's Review:

This was a short read that packed a very large emotional punch. Jace and Sephira are a young love that comes to a tragic end. This book shows how something so special can be torn apart so quickly leaving you in pieces. Thats what Jace is in: Pieces. It was a really great read and I enjoyed getting to know Jace and watch him come to terms with what has happened. The story was well written and it flowed really well. I felt the dialogue was easy to follow and the chapters were just long enough to keep you wanting more. A great debut novel from Liz. I really enjoyed Finding Hope. Be sure to give is a quick One-Click and see what you think. An overall heart warming read.