Flashpoint by M.C. Cerny

Flashpoint ★★★★|Goodreads|Amazon

Meg's Review:

I really enjoyed this book. Sometimes I am not a fan of the romance with a mix of action and suspense, but this one kept my attention. I will admit, it did take me a little to get into it, but once I did I had to know what would happen. I became enthralled with the storyline and wanted to see where it was going. Jacob and Katie have an interesting relationship through the story. I really annoyed Katie as a character and once we really got down to the nitty-gritty with the storyline she developed really well. She was relatable and quite the spitfire. Jacob annoyed me a bit. I felt like he needed to just go for what he wanted, but I understood why things went the way they did. It wasn't all his fault. When he finally though the reigns it was very intriguing to watch the way he validated things to himself in his not so private thoughts. (Don't you just love it being a book and not a TV show?) Even with it taking me a bit to get into the story, it wasn't boring in the least. From the very start the book is high paced. Its also an easy read, not to much jammed in. I felt like it answered just enough questions to appease me, but left enough hanging in the air to keep me wanting. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series.

Synopsis for Flashpoint:

Reed Software and Securities Company: A publically traded tech company with a hidden agenda. They are hired to take on some of the most difficult covert operations and contracts the government won't acknowledge. As the new CEO and face of Reed Software and Securities Company, Jacob Reed has been trying to get out of the family business as a covert operator. Lately he's been fantasizing about settling down, living a normal life away from the paparazzi, guns, and drug lords. Katie Wilson loves her job as a broadcast journalist for Channel 10 news. She is just beginning to explore her career when she gets the lead on a new story that could blow up an international sex trafficking operation. When their jobs force their paths to explosively collide, Katie is caught in the crossfire and has no memory of that night. A year will pass before fate seemingly draws them together and he saves her a second time. Now that Jacob has unknowingly brought Katie into his world, she's become a target for danger from an unknown source... and this time he refuses to let her go at all costs.