Force of Nature by SL Scott

This is one for the bookshelves y'all. You are going to want to own this and love it. This is one that left me completely enthralled age after page. I mean, it WAS an SL Scott book so you knew it was going to be amazing. This was a suspense filled romance that has a alpa-yummy male and a spitfire heroine that you absolutely are in love with as soon as you meet them. These characters spend page after page going back and forth with each other and I swear as much as I was on the edge of m seat I was laughing. A super original read that leaves you in love with every word you read. Add To Goodreads


Winter Nobleman is complicated. To say the least. It was supposed to be simple. Go to Paris, find a client’s daughter, and close a multi-million-dollar deal. Easy. Then I meet her. Stormy blue eyes, quick wit, and the secrets she keeps on the tip of her tongue make me forget my mission for a moment, or six, and why I’m in Paris in the first place—to bring her home. Distracted by her beauty, I fail to notice the others lurking with missions of their own. Bennett Everest is the twist I never saw coming. Talk about perfect timing. He steals my breath the first time I see him and breathes hope back into my heart. He’s a giant in my eyes, a king among men with patience and love to share in spades. Six foot three. Whiskey-colored eyes. Solid gold on the inside. Despite the dirty deeds of my past, he sees the person I am meant to be and not the person I have become. If the lies don’t kill us, will the truth set us free?