From Breath and Ruin by Carrie Ann Ryan

Wow. I didn't think I could be more of a fan of this authors writing, but she went and wrote a YA novel that I was unable to stop while reading. A page turned full of magic and plot twists with a cast of characters that I fell for.

The friendships in this story were just as important as the plot itself. You aren't sure what to invest yourself in with this read, but the one thing you can trust is that you are invested in finishing it. Then things pick dup and I was yelling at my book. Page after page I couldn't stop once these friends began their adventure. This is one of those YA novels that you lose time while reading. It was well developed and full of small twists and enveloping chapters that you love page after page. I want more, so much more from this world. From these characters. I love CAR's words and now I have a whole new world to read.



In her YA debut, New York Times bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan dives into a world with magic and sacrifice with the Elements of Five. Five hundred years ago, the Maison Realm was shattered, divided into warring kingdoms of elemental Wielders with fate and truth shadowed and uncertain. Now, factions of both the light and dark venture into the human realm in search of the prophesied Spirit Priestess who is said to Wield the Elements of Five to bring the two fractured kingdoms together. Lyric has no idea that there's a realm outside the human one she lives in. When fate and circumstances are pulled from her hands after an accident, she finds out that nothing is as it seems. War is raging around her, and when Lyric realizes that they are searching for her, she must rely on those she once trusted as she trains: a boy who isn't who she thought, and a new realm of warriors who have come to protect her. For the darkness is coming, and the Queen of Obscurité wants to ensure that the King of Lumière can't get his hands on Lyric. And the only way to ensure that is if Lyric herself is no matter the cost to prophecy.